Ticonderoga First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Serving Our Community And World In Christ's Name


 Committee Chair:  Ellen Ellor


1045 Wicker Street

Ticonderoga, NY 12883

(up the driveway, and into the left-hand parking lot)


(518) 585-2242




Shopping Days:  

Saturdays (9-2)


Sorting Days (Staff only):  Tuesdays & Thursdays



If local schools are closed due to weather, the Thrift Shop is also closed.

If local schools are delayed due to weather, anything could happen.  Feel free to call.

Donations are best made on Sorting day mornings (9-noon)

Please do NOT leave donations outside.  Thank you.


Have you been to the Thrift Shop?  Let people know what you think on Yelp.



The Mission of the Thrift Shop


To support the Outreach Ministries of the church by providing recycled clothing and household items to the general public at very reasonable prices while providing financial aid to the Church for continued Christian Ministries.


The Thrift Shop depends on a marvelous volunteer staff.  If you are interested in being a part of the action, give a call.  


We regularly accept gently worn clothing that can be new to someone else.  


We are unable to accept electronic items, medical devices, baby furniture, or car seats.  This is a limited list of items we are unable to accept or sell. 

Please feel free to call if you have a question regarding a donation.  


Print copies of our monthly Church Newsletter are available at the Thrift Shop.


Why I Volunteer at

the Thrift Shop


     When I was preparing to retire and move to Ticonderoga four years ago, I wondered how I would fill my days.  Joyce Barry suggested I might want to volunteer at the Thrift Shop, as help is always needed there.   It sounded like a good idea.  When my friend Stephanie mentioned that she thought about volunteering there too, it sounded even better.  We started a couple of weeks later; and have been going once a week ever since.  After a few months, we also volunteered to work one day a month when the Shop is open.  


     I had no idea at the time just how important the Thrift Shop is to the Church and community; or how many people depend on it.  I didn’t expect to feel a sense of accomplishment after a morning of sorting, tagging, and/or straightening up in the children’s section.  I certainly didn’t expect to actually enjoy working there; or to look forward to it each week.   



January, 2013